About H&H Environmental

H&H Environmental was founded by Richard Honeycutt from his desire to serve his neighbors and his community.  For 27 years Richard has been a leader in providing environmental remediation services, managing projects from the shores of North Carolina to New York all the way to Indiana. Drawing from an inner commitment to integrity and quality, he dedicated those years to honing his professional skills.  His knowledge and experience were sought out to help craft Virginia’s environmental regulations, and Richard was appointed by the Governor of Virginia to serve on Virginia’s Board for Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors.

After spending years completing successful remediation projects in distant communities, Richard can now concentrate on the safety and well-being of the children, families, and businesses of more local communities through H&H Environmental.  Serving the region of Southwest Virginia and North Carolina, H&H will focus primarily on asbestos and mold projects.

H&H will manage every key element of your project, obtaining all necessary permits, and providing you with the post-project documentation verifying the correct disposal of hazardous materials when applicable. Richard has assembled a core team of quality-minded individuals that each brings unique skills to his team.  When others look to cut corners, H&H specializes in knowing those key elements, the “little details” that are critical to the true success of a project, especially your project.